Oscilloscope Pong for one or two players

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Design files and associated documents for download:

Complete design doccument featuring all schematic diagrams


One particular day, the weather of which I honestly don’t remember, and for no particular reason that I can recall, I had a hankering to play a derivative of the classic arcade game Pong on my Tektronix Type 422 oscilloscope. So, picking up my soldering iron, I did what was plainly logical and went ahead and built one. Now that’s been done to death already, right? Well perhaps, but not 100%-entirely with discrete component circuitry, as far as I know.

The completed product consumed in excess of three hundred individual semiconductors (diodes, bipolar junction and field effect transistors) and is built entirely “dead bug” style. Some pictures of the assembled project appear below and the PDF document (about 20 Mbyte in size) linked to above contains all the technical details that you might want to know.

The project was a bit of an internet sensation, at the time of writing having garnered over eighteen thousand views for the Youtube video and the project was featured on, amongst others, Hackaday and The Register