A Tandy / RadioShack TRS-80 Model 1clone

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Design files and associated documents for download:

TRS-80 Model 1 clone - the complete project doccument
ROM images and firmware
PCB Gerber files

Erratum: 16 Jan 2020 Uploaded a corrected version of the project document. Part of the technical description on page 15 pertaining to the MCM6670 is rewritten as I had erroneously stated that this part had 6-bit, not 5-bit words. Also found and corrected a couple of typos. Viewed in my browser, I had to hit "refresh" to clear the old document out of cache and load the new.


Following on from my done and dusted Commodore PET-2001 clone, this is my second project to recreate a classic 8-bit machine from the beginning of the personal computer age.