A Self-Programming Analog Computer For Chaotic Sprott Systems

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Design files and associated documents for download:

LTspice simulation files folder in compressed ZIP format
PIC16F84 C program listing
PIC16F84 hex file
X-integrator board schematic diagram in PDF format
Y-integrator board schematic diagram in PDF format
Z-integrator board schematic diagram in PDF format
Analog multiplier board schematic diagram in PDF format
Programmer board schematic diagram in PDF format
Power supply and voltage reference board schematic diagram in PDF format
Display board schematic diagram in PDF format
Wiring diagram in PDF format

This project came about out of a desire to experiment further with the chaotic “Sprott Systems” that I had previously constructed individual electrical analogues for on solder-less breadboard. I thought it would be an interesting task to design and construct a digitally-programmed analog simulator (“computer”) that could conveniently simulate all abovementioned systems. That such a device would obviously be a handy thing to have lying about the test bench (should one actually be interested in pursuing “practical” investigations into the peculiar behaviour of these chaotic systems) was all the motivation I needed to get started. The contraption that eventually materialised is pictured immediately below.

Incidentally, by “practical” I simply mean observations of limited scope made at the lab bench by means of electrical test instruments wired to real-world physical realisations of said systems - not to imply, comparatively, that theoretical and mathematical investigations are of lesser value. But that’s enough philosophy, so I’ll now get on with the technical.
All systems are three-dimensional (x, y, z) and thus three independent computing (op-amp-based) integrators are required. Each integrator is accommodated on its own printed circuit board along with a companion unity-gain inverting amplifier which provides the complementary (-x, -y and -z) signal output.
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